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How well will home security signs deter intrusion in St. George?

August 29, 2022
vivint signage in the front yard next to a black picket fence

Displaying a sign with a security logo in the front yard can be a vital part of many home security systems. It alerts possible intruders that your residence is under protection and that they would be better off finding a more accessible house to target. But you would be smart not to rely completely on a cardboard sign to dseter intrusion in St. George. A fully equipped home security system would also have more deterrents, like surveillance systems, smart locks, and motion detectors.

Yes, home security signs can deter intrusions in St. George

Various studies indicate that security signs are effective when attempting to deter an intrusion. The idea is that the prowler will see the sign and swiftly decide that your residence isn't worth the hassle. When it comes down to it, why worry about security cameras and alarms when they can pivot to a less protected house down the road?

With that being said, the same research indicates that a visible display ranks fairly low as a deterrent to crime. A wisely situated sign primarily dissuades novices, but seasoned crooks may want to see the level of security that is truly shielding your home before moving on. Other equipment, like cameras, do a much better job thwarting prospective invaders.

Other security devices that deter intrusion in St. George

Despite the fact that security signs may help deter intrusion on occasion, they should not be relied upon as your only form of protection. Here are several top deterrent options that will help to protect your house:

  • Outdoor surveillance: Placing a security camera under the roof overhang or directly to the side of the property does more than security signs to deter an intrusion in St. George. This is especially true when the outdoor camera has an indicator light that says when it’s on

  • Doorbell cameras: The advantage of a video doorbell is that it’s always in clear view, right by your front entryway. An experienced thief also will understand that they connect to your mobile device through an security app.

  • Smart locks: A smart locking system has a keypad interface in place of a standard keyed lock. These are more challenging to breach and a cinch for you to track.

  • Smart light bulbs: The top strategy to deter a prowler is to make it look like you are on site. Programming lights to turn on when your security camera notices abnormal activity helps create this illusion. You may also put your smart lights on a custom plan to activate for a time when you're on vacation.

The most effective deterrent is a Vivint smart home

When you select a Vivint security system, you don’t need to worry about signage and window labels being your chief line of defense. Not only will signage be an aspect of your plan, but you can also opt for the indoor and outdoor cameras, locks, and smart lighting options that greatly enhance your home’s security. Just call (435) 375-3735 or complete the form below to consult with a security professional.